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As a member of BAEND, fictional audiovisual semestral project, I ve dedicated myself to it’s visual part. My aim and rough idea was to create an object, which would generate visuality. Visuality based on natural laws and physical presence. To create an image, unrestrained by rectangular frame of video projection. I also resolved to learn the basic principles of working with Arduino, something I had no experience with and which really fascinated me.   1 2 My another intention was to create something simple and learn how to carry it out. Well, goals like these not always work out as I would like. At least, the second part did. The whole idea began with a toy. A fascination by it’s mechanism. A figure, mostly animal or clown, is standing on a pedestal. There is a string inside the socle. When pushed, the figure, in my case a pirate with flag, collapses and falls.  


After three month process I ve exhibited an interactive kinetic object on the final presentation. It consists of various modules. One contains floating bamboo constructions with a string within them. The string is pulled by servo motors underneath. 

The kinetic figures speak a physical, austere language.  Second module contains four lights. They illuminate moving constructions, which cast shadows on the walls and ceiling. Light and movement create a shadowplay, architecture of silhouettes. 




The play is interactive. Controlled by an unknown, unmarked interface. It’s like a blind map. A new experience with a frosted keyboard, which has to be conquered and explored. Choreography and storyline don’t exist, they originate with spectator’s presence and interaction.

So, that was the prototype. I really look forward to revise it, recontextualize it and infuse with contect. Use it to tell a story.

video will be added soon

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